from left to right : D. Karahasan (writer), C.-W. Macke, C. Schlötzer, Dr. H. Montag, Dr. U. Encke, Dr. R. Arens

 "I am not a national but a professional journalist".

Mladen Vuksanovic (1942-1999)

About Journalists help Journalists (JhJ)

In many countries – if not most - being a journalist is associated with high risks. In the past 15 years more than 800 journalists were killed during assignments or in the pursuance of their profession. Several hundred were taken into custody, many of them were tortured. Only in a few spectacular cases do the general public learns about the fate of persecuted, injured, driven out or killed journalists. It is even rarer for the public to hear about the desperation of the journalists’ families.

“Journalists help Journalists” (JhJ) was founded in 1993 shortly after the war in the former Yugoslavia claimed its first victims among journalists. Egon Scotland, correspondent of Munich’s daily newspaper “Süddeutsche Zeitung” was among the first to be killed during assignment on the Balkans war. “Journalists help Journalists” was founded in Munich by the colleagues of Egon Scotland - not only in memory of him but also in commemoration of all the other victims among journalists.  

“Journalists help Journalists” is an independent and non-partisan organisation.
It is the task of ‘JhJ’ to help colleagues in need and to show solidarity with their families and those left behind in a non-bureaucratic way.  Several acts of our programme can be viewed under the link “Hilfsaktionen” (‘aid programme’): JhJ helps journalists with monetary donations, non-cash benefits and all kind of practical support wherever we perceive the necessity and whenever we can help directly, but first and foremost when there is no official organisation that is offering help already.  

In the early years the main emphasis of the work of JhJ’ was in the region of former Yugoslavia. More than 50 journalists were killed in the years 1991 to 1995 on assignment in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo and Serbia. Currently, we support journalists in all parts of the world. Journalists help Journalists has supported colleagues from Belarus, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Syria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe. We have helped cover the basic needs of journalists and their families in these countries. We organized medical support, godparentships for children and helped replace destroyed journalism gear, such as computers, type writers and camera equipment. 

Our organisation also helped journalists to publicise their stories in German newspapers or other German-speaking media. We have a close network with journalists in many countries of the world. With pleasure JhJ can help to arrange contacts.

Journalists help Journalists works closely with Reporters Sans Frontieres (Paris/Berlin). We further have good contacts with the Committee to Protect Journalists (New York), IFEX (Toronto), the Rory Peck Trust (London), Amnesty International, the „Hamburger Stiftung fuer politisch Verfolgte“ (The Hamburg Foundation for the victims of persecution) and finally with the media representative of the OSZE (Vienna). Today our solidarity is supported by over 120 journalists from Austria, Belgium, France Germany, Greece and Italy. The voluntary work of our organisation is financed by donations and membership contributions alone. Journalists help Journalists is a non-profit charity organisation. Donations are tax-deductible.